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Wattle Cloud Platform

The Cloud Platform for Australian Local Government

Product update: Stripe verified, two factor auth, linked credit cards

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Property Certificate Order Lodgement, Management & Delivery

Wattle provides an easy to use interface for your customers to place orders for certificates like S149(2), S149(5), S603, Building certificates. Payments are handled via the platform.

Each member of the council staff has access to a tailored backend that streamlines fulfilment. Wattle logs these events for later reference.

Integrate a copy of your ratings records loaded via an export or through our API for precise ordering.

Formal and Informal GIPA request Lodgement & Delivery

Like land parcel certificates, Wattle presents a simple interface for your customers lodge GIPA requests.

Each service extends the back office and provides interfaces to track and process these requests and electronically deliver the documents.

Optionally charge fees for accessing these requests.


Wattle is all about streamlining work flows for nimble council teams. Work flow presents each user with a list of actionable items across various Wattle services.

For example if you are in-charge of S149(2) certificates, Wattle can automatically assign requests from each order to your list. As you action them it merges the deliverables back into the original order.

EDMS Compliant

Each order or request on Wattle has exportable dockets that you can store against your Electronic Document Management System.

Simply download them from the order management interface and file against property records.

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