Join the conversation

15 Jun 2018, 1 minute read

Building Wattle to us is more than just building an Internet platform. Our mission of accelerating the digital transformation of local government involves starting a conversation with local government organisations and identify the gaps.

Discussions in the Internet age need to be frequent and inclusive, so we can build and deliver solutions in a timely manner. Our workforce is spread all around Australia requiring us to employ tools like Slack to keep the discussion alive.

We are delighted to announce a Slack Workspace dedicated to continue the conversation of the digital transformation of local government. It’s available to anyone who is keen to join, at no cost. We have channels for general discussion, questions and support around Wattle.

Our engineers are on-line during business hours (Australian Eastern Standard Time), so come on over and join the conversation.

Simply put down your email address on our home page and we will send you out an invite. Talk to you soon 😀

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