Product update: Stripe verified, two factor auth, linked credit cards

18 Sep 2018, 2 minute read

It’s been a while since we have updated you on what we are working on and it’s mostly because we have been super busy working on exciting new features.

We quietly rolled out a number of customer facing features which some of you have already taken advantage of, here’s a quick overview on what’s changed.

Stripe verified partners

First we’ve been working to become a Stripe verified partner. We are glad to announce that we have been through the hoops and are now proudly listed on the Works with Stripe page. Our partnership with Stripe will give our customers the confidence they deserve to conduct business using Wattle.

Stripe are an amazing company and are constantly evolving their platform and we are committed to integrating Stripe deeply into Wattle to bring as superb a checkout experience as possible.

Enhanced security with two factor authentication

We take security extremely seriously. Most features in Wattle are linked to rather sensitive information. We’ve built two factor authentication into Wattle to ensure your account is tamper proof.

Using an app like Google Authenticator you can enable one time passwords for your user account to enhance security. We recommend all users of Wattle take advantage of this feature. Simply head to the user setting module and follow the instructions.

Linked cards for faster checkout

One of our biggest users are conveyancers, lawyers and legal search businesses. They user Wattle on a daily basis on behalf of their customers. Linked credit cards would make their checkout experience even quicker.

Stripe makes it rather simple for us to link credit cards against a customer’s profiles. All your credit card information is securely provisioned on Stripe’s servers.

It’s super simple for customers to create an account on Wattle. Once you’re logged in we will prompt you to link your card to your profile. On subsequent checkouts you can simply choose to use your linked card for an express checkout experience.

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