Digital Services for Councils

Wattle is a digital platform for local government agencies. Our mission is to enable councils in Australia and New Zealand to bring their services into the digital space.

By collaborating with participating councils Wattle aims to develop industry specific services.

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Current Services

Delightful experiences for customers

Wattle is dedicated to turning traditional processes into delightful experiences. The platform will provide council customers a uniform gateway to access multiple services across councils.

Wattle will perpetually keep all historical information about services procured from the councils.

As the platform grows more services will be brought online. Currently we’re offering:

New service...

Land Parcel Marketplace

Certificate marketplace for land parcel related documents

New service...

Back office

Tools for Conducting Business Online

Wattle provides a custom back office to every council service that we bring to the Web. Your customers are presented with a delightful way to interact with council services.


Each digitised process comes with a purpose built back office interface that closely mirror the service delivery process.

Audit trail

Wattle keeps a trail of the process, delivery and staff members interacting with the system.

One Fixed Plan

per year (excl. GST)

  • Unlimited council staff members
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Access to all current and future Wattle services
Join our platform
What you get in the package

Fixed Annual Pricing

  • Annual subscription charges

  • Stripe payment charges:
    1.7% + 30c

    Stripe Charges a fixed 1.7% and 30c per transaction

    Each transaction has a 0.5% fee on the clearing amount

Your relationship with Stripe

Wattle does not hold any funds that are incurred as part of the transactions.

Once you join Wattle, we contact Stripe and provision your bank account as a target for funds to be deposited in.

Wattle uses Stripe Connect to link the council’s customer directly to the council’s managed Stripe account.

This means that the funds are transacted between the council and their customer.

Secure Payments

Powered by Stripe

Stripe is one of the industry’s leading payment gateway provider. Wattle uses Stripe’s Connect product to automatically provision a payment gateway for each customer.

  • Fees and charges

    Stripe takes all fees and charges at the point of transaction

  • Credit card and bank details

    Wattle stores no credit card or bank details, these are completed managed by Stripe

  • Refunds

    Refunds are processed for free and all Stripe charges are reverted

  • Fund clearing

    Stripe fund clearing commitments to be outlined


Built on top of Amazon AWS

Wattle runs on Amazon’s AWS infrastructure and uses their Australian data centres. These data centres comply with Australian government policies.

  • Security

    All transactions are conducted over secure connection

  • Data Protection

    Each customer operates under a data sandbox that ensures that no data is leaked

  • Business Solutions

    We are commited building and maintaining a secure environment for business

AWS Documentation Read more on AWS and Australian
Privacy Considerations

Integrated ratings system

Wattle was built to integrate with existing Council software and services. Since Wattle lives in the cloud it take snapshots of your ratings data and integrate the information with it’s services.

The data can be populated via a file upload. A connector module available for Civica and Technology One to automate this process is in the works.