A back office purpose built for local government

Certificate Order Management

Wattle’s debut feature is the ordering and delivery of Land Parcel Certificates. The platform integrates your land parcel data, ensuring that every order placed is accurately processed. Payments are accepted and certificates delivered digitally.

Up Next

Having laid strong foundation, we are tirelessly working towards an array of features in consultation with our customers. Tell us about business services that you would like brought into the digital space.


Match jobs to team members

Wattle pairs Applications and certificates to the team member responsible, presenting a workload for each user. The centralised inbox overview will continue to act as the triage interface.

Open payment gateway

Accept payments for services

Accept payments for many other council services, invoice, Export daily, weekly, monthly transactions which directly import into your general ledger system.

Dashboards & Analytics

Insights into business data

Your data contains secrets about your business. We are working to present you with lively visualisations that provide you real time insight about your services.

GIPA Requests

Government Information (Public Access) applications

Allow customers to lodge GIPA request via Wattle, including providing identification evidence. Wattle could securely charge the customer retrospectively once the application has been accepted by the council.

Corporate Citizenship

Focus on Accessibility and Integration

We are focused on achiving AAA Web accessibility compliance to ensure every user has a delightful experience. Integration into corporate systems like Office 365 and G Suite to provide a seamless experience.

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