Fairly priced for councils of every size

All Inclusive Pricing

Wattle has a fair flat price tag which includes all features, unlimited transactions with your customers and access for every member of your organisation.


Rural Agricultural Small

Rural Remote Extra Small

Rural Remote Small

Rural Remote Medium

Price on Application

per month billed annually + GST


Rural Agricultural Medium

Rural Agricultural Large

Rural Agricultural Very Large

Rural Remote Large

Rural Significant Growth


per month billed annually + GST

Urban Medium

Urban Development Small

Urban Development Medium

Urban Regional Small

Urban Regional Medium

Urban Fringe Small

Urban Fringe Medium


per month billed annually + GST

Urban Large

Urban Development Large

Urban Development Very Large

Urban Regional Large

Urban Regional Very Large

Urban Fringe Large

Urban Fringe Very Large

Urban Capital City


per month billed annually + GST

Stripe charges 1.7% + 30c per transaction.

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